1. Writing

Although the pages made of wood-free special paper are extremely resistant, you should not apply too much pressure, as this could damage the fine coating. Slight scratches in the surface, however, do not limit the functionality of the reusable notebook.

It takes about 15 seconds for the ink to become smudge-proof. If you have used more ink, e.g. thicker lines, it will take a little longer.

Depending on your preference, we recommend the the Pilot FriXion POINT 0.5 mm models for easier removal or the standard Pilot FriXion pens (0.7 mm) for a smoother writing experience. The refillable Pilot pens are available in various colors

2. Digitizing

Digitize your notes in seconds

With the free Adobe Scan App.

Your notebook is full? Digitize your notes in seconds via app and store them in your cloud.

Of course, there are different preferences and privacy requirements (especially for business customers), so we don’t want to impose a system on anyone. The contriBook® works with any scanner app for iOS or Android, but in our tests, the free app “Adobe Scan” convinced us the most, which is why we recommend this app as a supplement to our notebooks.

3. Reuse

The reusability of your notebook results from the interaction of heat-sensitive ink and special paper made from stone and polypropylene. At about 60°C the ink becomes transparent and fades. But don’t worry: If you forget your contriBook® in the car on a hot day and your notes are suddenly gone, you can make them visible again in the freezer at -10°C!

There are three methods to delete your notes:


Use the eraser at the end of the pen - perfect for minor corrections.


Residue-free and particularly thorough - for an especially long service life.

Hair dryer

Fast & comprehensive - at approx. 60°C (max. 80°C) the notes fade.

3.1 Erasing

Simply use the eraser at the end of the pen to correct your notes. The friction heats up the ink to over 60°C, causing it to disappear. Do not use too much pressure to avoid damaging the pages. Try it a few times at first to get a feel for speed and pressure. Ideal for minor corrections and adjustments.

3.2 Water

Zubehör für wiederverwendbares Notizbuch: Sprühflasche

To make your pages look like new again, you can simply wipe them with a damp cloth – just like a whiteboard. This is especially practical with the included water sprayer: Simply fill with water, spray on one side and clean with the included cloth.

Thanks to its compact format, the spray bottle fits in almost any pocket and even more so on your desk. It is best to dry the sides briefly afterwards to prevent them from sticking together, e.g. with the second cloth included.

Cleaning with water or a damp cloth maximizes the lifetime of your contriBook and makes the pages look like new. This method cleans without leaving residues and is the most thorough. However, it is also a bit more time consuming.

3.3 Hair dryer

Alternatively, you can remove your notes with a standard hairdryer. This is recommended if you want to keep individual pages. However, keep in mind that the underlying pages can also heat up which might result in a fading of the ink.

The ink starts to fade at about 60°C. Please make sure, that the heat doesn’t exceed 80°C to avoid damages. With this method, the ink will only fade but any residue can be removed with a damp cloth. Cleaning with water is recommended for residue-free cleaning (see 3.2 Water).

Alternative: Remove your notes in the oven (only for polypropylene covers or without cover)

When your reusable notebook is full, you can easily erase your notes in the oven. This is possible thanks to the thermoactive ink, which fades from 60°C (but please make sure that the temperature does not exceed 80°C).

And this is how it works:

Das Bild zeigt einen Backofen, in welchem die Notizen gelöscht werden können.
  1. Take your notebook out of the felt cover (if applicable)
  2. Open your notebook in the middle (usually this is where the layout of the pages change, e.g. from blanc to lined pages)
  3. Place the opened notebook in the oven on baking paper.
  4. Switch on the oven and heat it to at least 60°C (max. 80°C).

    Tip: Removing the notes in the oven is particularly energy-saving if the residual heat is used after regular oven operation. Take special care that the temperature does not exceed 80°C.

  5. Once the oven passes the 60°C mark, it takes about 4 minutes for the notes to fade. The time may vary slightly and depends on the temperature and your oven. Please make sure that the temperature doesn’t exceed 80°C to avoid damages.

    Important: The notes on the upper sides will fade after a few seconds. However, wait until the heat has reached the lower pages and penetrated them completely. If the ink becomes visible again, leave your notebook in the oven a little longer or increase the temperature. Use the contact form below if you have any questions or need help.

    If the cover gets deformed by the heat, you can easily flatten your contriBook with a heavy object (e.g. a saucepan) while it cools down. In this case you should choose a lower temperature for the next deletion.

  6. Important! Let your contriBook cool down for a few minutes afterwards – especially the wire binding can heat up strongly during the time in the oven.

* If applicable, please remove the felt/leatherette cover in advance and never leave your contriBook unattended in the oven!

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